Good morning breakfast with a cup of coffee.

Do you have breakfast today?… Now a day, when most urban people got a hurry all the time especially in the morning with wasting time in dressing up and traffic jam, a lot of time each day is gone, preparing to go to work or to go to school, sometimes you neglect to eat breakfast.

How important is breakfast?

Eating all meals are important, and if we compare the importance of all three meals, the most important meal is ‘breakfast’ because the body is fasting during all night. That is the reason why breakfast is the most important meal.

Because the body has to burn energy from dinner to nourish the brain and other parts of the body all night, then it is 9-10 hours no food before we waking up, the body needs a breakfast to replace the waste energy.

In addition, breakfast also energizes the body and brain for effective work throughout the day. Eating breakfast also helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and disease as well.

There is a misunderstanding that losing weight requires fasting, including breakfast. Indeed, actually who did not eat breakfast will probably make you fat, because when not eating breakfast, your body will lack food for a long time. Without having food for a long time before eating lunch leads the body to activate the brain to release some chemicals to urge you eating more food during lunch and dinner, causing obesity.

Receiving excess energy from lunch and dinner will result in a reduction the capability of energy metabolism about 10-15%, so obesity more easily.

Conclusion, fasting for weight loss is not the right way. If we fasted for a meal to lose weight, this will cause Yo-yo effect, so weight loss should be managed by eaten for three meals as well as to carefully control the amount of each meal food instead. Thanks for reading…

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