How to make tree fence

If talking about the “fence”, most of people think of a steel fence or concrete fence that is strong and durable. But nowadays, beautiful tree fences are becoming more and more popular. The benefits of a tree fence are, for example, used to increase security, wind protection, sunlight shield and obscure the visibility from outside people. In addition, the fence can give a sense of breeziness to homeowners as well.

Making tree fence by planting trees is a very easy and popular method, because it can be applied to all types of walls, just choose a tree with a dense bramble in order to both shield the wind and reduce visibility from outside. By planting it in rows along the desired fence layout, then waiting for the tree to grow to the desired height, one of the most famous tree to make a plant which glowing fast and having enough density to help improve privacy is Korean Banyan tree. But if you want a lower fence height, you can also choose Carmona retusa (Vahl) Masam tree. Both of them are able to growing fast in areas with moderate and strong sunlight as well easy to maintain, so one of the most important thing I recommend to do is to pruning the tree fence consistently, this helps your fence to always beautiful and look more dimensional.

Another idea, if you already have a concrete wall or fence existing outside, but you want a natural green wall, then you can also create a natural green area on that concrete wall by using a ivy (Hedera trees.

Ivy walls are suitable for fences or walls that have a consistent and continuous surface in order to make the ivy plant to easily creep continuously into the same piece. Principles of selection the plants that are used to create green walls is to choose the one that can creep along the wall with high adhesion strength. In addition, suitable wall surfaces should have a little roughness to help increase adhesion, such as the wall without plastering or rough plastering, for example.

Tree fence Pros and Cons :

Tree fence Pros : Cost saving, feel comfortable, look and feel not stressed, Wind and dust filtering, and also helps to reduce global warming which for good.

Tree fence Cons :  Maintenance costs that must be paid regularly to make the fence look beautiful forever including expenses such as fertiliser, watering and pruning.

However, for tree lovers, our tree fence has a spiritual value that cannot be evaluated as money. Every tree that we plant, we love it. Thanks for reading…

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