Purpletop Vervain(Verbena bonariensis)

Verbena bonariensis (purpletop vervain, Clustertop vervain, Argentinian vervain) tall and slender perennial It can grow up to 6 feet. At maturity, it develops into a purple flower in a clump that is firmly attached to the tips of the pole and stem.
Blooms from mid to summer. The trunk is a square with a very long, oval-shaped body.

Verbena is like sunny, if not being directly exposed to the sun, it may not bloom at all or there may be very little flowers. Verbena is not a strong tree, if planted in a pot ,them Verbena will now growing so well and died easily.

Verbena planting required pruning to allow expanding it trunk to grow. If you plant Verbena as a large tree group and pruning them well in your home, It will be one of the most beautiful flower garden in your backyard. Thanks for reading..HighBeamCreation.com

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