Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019 at ICONSIAM

When December 31st is being started every year, according to the landmarks of all major cities around the world prepare for the new year countdown event “Countdown Festival” to celebrate the coming of the first second of the 1st January new year. When talking about the main city of countdown events in the world, No one not going to mention “Bangkok”, which is known as the world’s No. 1 destination city for tourists. (Ranked by Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, GDCI 2018)

Bangkok has organized great countdown activities, equivalent to the countdown activities of major cities around the world.
One of the most interesting countdown festival here in Thailand for this year is the “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019“, which was first held at the new landmark in Bangkok Thailand, “ICONSIAM”.

ICONSIAM has cooperated with Tourism Authority of Thailand and all government-private partners organize a great countdown event by highlighting the countdown events here is a great firework show under the concept of “River of Glory” that shows the history of the Chao Phraya River reflecting the way of life the civilization and the legend of Siam being a total of 5 sets, about 5 minutes in length, through the river turns. It can be seen over a distance of 1,400 meters and also considered the longest firework display ever on the Chao Phraya River.

Countdown events held this time considered a very important event for “ICONSIAM” because the main aim of this 54,000 million baht remediation project is to be another important a new iconic landmark of Thailand.

The assigned HighBeamCreation member had access in the area of ​​the fountain area riverfront of the Chao Phraya River at about 18.00 to reserve a possible great point for 2 sets of a camera and tripod, this is to capture multiple images in that great views. as you can see in this post.

It was a incredible day when there were really many people attending this Bangkok countdown event. Our approximation by eyes which we have see a lots of Chinese tourists as the bigger portion then follow by European / American tourists and some Indians and Japanese for pretty a little, and then Thai people are the most as they were local people. Many people take the BTS Skytrain and as well many by river ferries.

Since we knew in advance already regarding to get a chance of capturing wide enough angle view of the whole countdown firework, due to the current location, we’re expected that firework will be perpendicularly overhead level of us, as well a lots of people going to walk around during the new year minutes. That why we decided to capture the ground level atmosphere photos of festival as much as possible, and shoot the firework as video.

This is our ultra-high resolution 4K Youtube video in fountain riverfront area of ICONSIAM, wide angle shots combined them as the video using Timelapse photography technique, then you can see the ultra wide angle view of ICONSIAM buildings and people coming and walk around.

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