Travel from Bangkok to Erawan National Park and Erawan Waterfall

Erawan Waterfall is located in the Erawan National Park, Tha Kradan sub-district, Si Sawat district, Karnchanaburi, travelling by car takes about 3:50 hours or 230 KM from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and 3:19 hours or 209 KM from Don Muang International Airport.

Travelling by public transportation from Bangkok to Erawan National Park

Southern Bus Terminal(Sai Tai Mai) : By public bus (regular or air-conditioned bus), start from the Southern Bus Terminal (Borommaratchachonnani Rd), take the Kanchanaburi Line (15-20 minutes interval), available from 04:00-20:30 to Kanchanaburi province by approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, then take the local regular bus No. 8170 (Available from 08:00-16:00 and 50 minutes interval) to Erawan National Park, enjoy your time about 1 and half hour on the bus. From Erawan National Park office you can then walk into the waterfall in 500 meters.

Another way is to start from the Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mo Chit), and take Bangkok to Chedi Sam Ong Line, available from 05.00-19.00 hrs. Enjoy travel on the bus for 2:30 hours and then get off the bus at Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal. From here then take the bus No. 8170 (Available from 08:00-16:00 and 50 minutes interval) to Erawan National Park.

Travelling from Bangkok to Erawan National Park by car

From Bangkok, drive along the Petchkasem Road or along the Borommaratchachonnani Road, passing Nakhon Chai Si, Ban Pong, Tha Maka, Tha Muang until reaching Kanchanaburi Province, which approximately 129 kilometers or hour and a half.
Then traveling from the Kanchanaburi city to Erawan National Park by driving along the provincial highway no. 3199 to the area of ​​the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Srinakarin Dam and continue to Erawan National Park Office for about 70 kilometers, we will pass Sai Yok National Park, and there will be a shortcut route to Ban Pong Kwang, close to Tha Thung Na Dam, drive for a more about 15 kilometers, then turn left along the road number 3199 for about 25 kilometers to the Erawan National Park office.

Multi-Step Waterfall

Erawan Waterfall is a large beautiful multi-level/multi-step waterfall on the bank of the Kwai Yai River, located at Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi, divided into 7 levels, each level has a different beauty, and having the following names:

1st level, named “Hlai Keun Lung” (flow back nest)
2nd level, named “Wang Mat Cha” (fish’s palace)
3rd level, named “Pha Nam Tok” (waterfall cliff)
4th level, named “Oak Phee Shua” (butterfly chest)
5th level, named “Buar Mai Long” (never bored)
6th level, named “Dong Prouk Sa” (flora jungle)
7th level, named “Phupa Erawan” (Erawan Mountain)

People take a lunch break in this area preparing readiness to walking up 1,500 meters to the walkable area in the 7th level of Erawan Waterfall. The monkey in the above picture comes to see what they’re eating.

Mahseer Barb fish is a kind of freshwater fish In the Cyprinidae family, which has quite a large and long fish, flat sides body with large scales, has small heads with 2 pairs of antennae in the upper mouth and mouth corners. They has a dark stripe across the body and along the base of the tail. Mahseer Barb fish average size is 60 centimeters, and sometime found as large as 1.5 meters.

The smaller Mahseer Barb fish likes to use the mouth to suck on our feet, it makes us feel ticklish, but they are not dangerous, In addition, this is a chance to have a free fish spa in the nature of the waterfall. Try and you are going to love it.

1st level, “Hlai Keun Lung” (flow back nest).

2nd level, named “Wang Mat Cha”, one of the highly popular, because this is absolutely good atmosphere and you are going to love sitting here and check the beautiful scenery with having a pleasant climate. If you come with an old man or a child, this is best to stay long compare to the others, since it is not so far walking.

We’ve liked this small forest plant over the stone here, it is between the way we’ve walk to the 7th level.

This is one of the most beautiful shoot.

By walking throughout all the 7 waterfall levels, it is 1,520 meters, takes about 3 hours to reach the 7th level and back down. Therefore you should plan yourself to arrive The Erawan National Park early enough before the closing time here.

For security reasons, the national park official will ask for cooperation from the tourists who already been reach the almost high level of Erawan Waterfall to get down on 4 PM, then probably not allowed to walk to the next level.

Recommendation for travelling return trip from Erawan Waterfall.

If you travel here by driving car, we suggest you to hurry up drive back before getting dark, because you may not be very familiar with the route and not much light on the local street.

Finally, if you be a waterfall lover, the Erawan Waterfall is the one that you must be here once of your life…. Thanks for reading…

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