Phu Ruea National Park Thailand

Phu Ruea National Park is in the Loei province, which is the coldest province of Thailand. With being on the very top of the mountain so that Phu Ruea National Park is a cool temperature area for the whole year, every the winter months, we can see the dew on the top of the grass freezes into ice crystals, which have the native language called “Mae Khaning”

Travel to Phu Ruea
Traveling to Phu Ruea by car from Bangkok to Loei province is about 560 kilometers, then from Loei province drive through Highway No. 203 for 48 kilometers to the Phu Ruea district and from there, continue on for another 4 kilometers to reach the Phu Ruea National Park office.

Traveling to Phu Ruea by bus
Travel from Bangkok, take a bus from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Morchit). There are 2 routes available.

  1. Bangkok-PhuRuea Line.
  2. Bangkok-Mueang Loei Bus Line and take a bus Loei – Phu Ruea Line.

Phu Ruea National Park has been appointed as a national park on 26 July 2522, is the 16th national park of Thailand with an area of approximately 120.84 square kilometers.

During the end of the month November – late January, on the way up to Phu Ruea National Park, there will have the “Phu Ruea Christmas Trees” festival, that is a Christmas tree showing the being changed of Christmas tree leaf colour from green to red during this winter period, this is also to welcome Christmas and New Year festival. We recommend to take a photo here before going to the national park.

Phu Ruea National Park has several beautiful forest types mixed together, including mixed temperate deciduous forest, rainforest, pine forest. The pine forest floor here is inserted with natural rocks with low shrubs and grass fields periodically.

Peak of Phu Ruea Is about 1,365 meters high from the sea level, the terrain here is a steep cliff surrounding with a pine forest.

The pine forest here consists of Pinus Merkusii and Pinus kesiya , alternating with natural stone courtyard. From this peak point you can see the beautiful scenery of the Mekong River which separates the Thai-Laos border.

As stated, Phu Ruea National Park terrain itself therefore is the source of many waterfalls in this area, such as Huai Nam, Huai Bong Dam, Huai Thiang Na, Huai Sai Khao, Huai Tio and Huai Phai Waterfalls.

You will find beautiful plants including wild roses, mosses, ferns and beautiful orchids, which grows along trees and rocks. These orchids will glow and bloom throughout the year.

You can also see the scenery during the sunrising in the early morning, late and and the evening sunset at the various beautiful viewing points around Phu Ruea, such as the Decho Viewpoint And Pha Sam Thong Viewpoint.

Another viewpoint is Pha Ya Phai, a scenic cliff about 200 meters away from the top of Phu Ruea, this is a small 5 meters wide area viewpoint.

If you like camping, then at the camping courtyard of the Phu Ruea National Park, there is a lot of large and beautiful nature stones courtyard called Phalee Stone Garden.

We recommend to do not miss to visit the Huay Phai Waterfall which is the largest and most beautiful waterfall of Phu Ruea National Park with a height of about 30 meters.

At the top of the Phu Ruea is the of NaWaBanpot Buddha statue. Which Phu Ruea people brought from Ayutthaya, Buddhists prefer to pay homage to this NaWaBanpot Buddha statue.

Phu Ruea National Park facilities including 7 large houses that fit for 4-9 people, outside the national park, there are many resorts. For contact – Inquiry : Phuruea National Park Tel. +66 -042-884-144, +66- 042-807-624-5 or visit

Phu Ruea district also has many interesting places for tourist for visit in the way that you can be fine here throughout the year. If you planned to visit or work in Loei, we deeply recommend you to try at least once of your life…. Thanks for visit us.

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