IconSiam Countdown Festival 2018

Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019 at ICONSIAM

When December 31st is being started every year, according to the landmarks of all major cities around the world prepare for the countdown event. “Countdown Festival” to celebrate the coming of the first second of the 1st January, new year. When talking about the main city of countdown events in the world, No one will not going to mention “Bangkok”, which is known as the world’s No. 1 destination city for tourists. (Ranked by Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, GDCI 2018)
Bangkok has organized great countdown activities, equivalent to the countdown activities of major cities around the world.
One of the most interesting countdown festival here in Thailand for this year is…

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Tree fence

How to make tree fence

If talking about the “fence”, most of people think of a steel fence or concrete fence that is strong and durable. But nowadays, beautiful tree fences are becoming more and more popular. The benefits of a tree fence are, for example, used to increase security, wind protection, sunlight shield and obscure the visibility from outside people. In addition, the fence can give a sense of breeziness to homeowners as well.

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Thai Flag

Flag of Thailand

The Thailand national flag consists of 3 colors and 5 bands. One of the good reasons of designing 3 colors to be a 5-band flag is that to achieve symmetry and direction matter, when the Thai flag is raised event front, back or upside down, the Thai flag will be always visible in all respects…

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